When you´ve optimised your Facebook ads and are enjoying high click-through-rates, it´s only natural to expect users to be converting as well. But sometimes, for some reason, it doesn´t always work like this. In a bid to learn why, I came across an article on Business 2 Community. They had three possible explanations:

1. Your landing page has different copy or images to your ad. Sometimes users click on an ad expecting one thing only to see something completely different on the landing page. In turn, this confuses them and they bounce off. Users want to see the same content that made them click on the ad in the firs place, so the best thing to do is meet their expectations.

2. Your landing page is taking too long to load. Conversion rates are highly influenced by the loading time of a page – the longer users have to wait to see a page, the lower the conversion rates. A study by Amazon estimated that businesses lose $1.6 billion in sales each year just because of a one-second slowdown in loading time. In order to decrease your page loading time, you could try different methods such as reducing the number of images to be displayed or decreasing file sizes.

3. There are too many form fields. Users become daunted by large forms they have to fill in and this could easily put them off. The less information they have to provide and the simpler it is, the more likely it is that they will complete the process.

As a consumer, is there anything else a brand could do to increase your chances of converting?