The importance of producing engaging copy cannot be overlooked; in this age of digital communications, the content offered to consumers is often key to conversion. But many marketers know that creating the right kind of content is much easier said than done. Let us take a look at five simple tips that can improve the quality of your copy, and make your content marketing strategies more effective.

As with any piece of text, first impressions matter. This means that your headline needs to be eye-catching and should draw readers in. If they do not find the headline intriguing, they are less likely to continue reading the article.

Once you have caught the reader´s eye with an interesting headline, it is just as important to ensure the content of the article lives up to the promise made in the title. If users become disappointed with what they read, they are not going to share the article or come back and read more. Make sure they have something useful to take away, or something interesting to remember once they have finished.

Alongside the actual content comes the structure of the content. Modern consumers have a short attention span and tend to be easily distracted; in order to retain the reader´s interest, use lists and bullet-points in your article to make certain points stand out from the rest of the text.

According to Business2Community website, there are certain words that can be used to automatically engage readers. Trigger words to increase interest in the text include “you,” “instantly,” “free,” “because” and “new.” These persuasive words will keep readers interested and improve the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Last but not least, you should take advantage of the fact that most people are visual learners and are stimulated by images. Add pictures to your copy to create a lasting impact.

Taking note and using these tips is guaranteed to enhance the effectiveness of your content marketing, but taking the time to write, edit and post content on a regular basis can be the biggest challenge. That´s where M2 Bespoke come in – we can help with every stage of content generation, from the initial idea to writing and delivery. To learn more about our services call our team today.