Seo and content marketingI recently came across an article on the Content Marketing Institute website which tackled the basics of SEO, and the main things you should be aware of in order to produce the most successful content marketing. I thought I´d share some of them with you today, as it´s not necessarily as complicated as you might think.

Create content with people in mind

While optimising your content for SEO should certainly play a part in content creation, it shouldn´t be your main focus. Instead, give your customers what they´re looking for, as well as bearing in mind Google´s algorithms that reward high quality and relevant content.

SEO is only one slice of the cake

Yes, you´re likely to receive lots of your website traffic from search, but there are other traffic sources, such as email and social media, to feature in your optimisation efforts, too.

Social makes a difference to SEO

Social affects search results more than ever, especially since the Hummingbird update. It´s therefore vital for brands to have a strong social strategy that looks at SEO.

SEO means long-haul

It´s easy to think that your traffic will grow overnight when embarking on content marketing, but this simply isn´t the case. Yet once you do start witnessing improvements in traffic, the advantages can be long-term.

Keywords are still important

You certainly shouldn´t get hung-up on keywords, but you do want to ensure your content is ranking for the terms that mean something to your business and your clients. It´s therefore wise to do some research into relevant keywords that you will target through content.

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