Content marketing mistakesIt´s not exactly breaking news: content marketing can do wonders for your ROI and customer engagement.

However, many people still fail to realise that it´s not as simple as “whipping up” some content and plastering it all over the web. Content creation requires careful consideration and a meticulous strategy. If you go about your content marketing in the wrong way you could be seriously costing your business.

I recently came across an article on the Forbes website, which listed four mistakes that might be negatively impacting your ROI, so I thought I´d share them with you today.

1. Don´t push products or services

You should be trying to engage, not just trying to sell. Present your content in an organic way based on the overall values of your company. For example, if you´re a dental practice, write about oral hygiene tips, not about how the customer should book their root canal with your company today.

2. Ignoring your audience

Don´t opt for a one-way communication approach; instead, comment on feedback, create interactive content and take some time out to listen and watch what your customers have to say.

3. Missing the ´real person´ element

It´s not just about conveying facts; you need to inject some emotion into your words, too. After all, emotions ignite empathy, meaning your content will engage and stay with the reader long after they´ve read it. The Forbes article suggests re-reading your own content; how does it make you feel in three words? If none of these words are an emotion, start again.

4. Missing out on context

Although creating high quality content is crucial, it´s also about where you get it published. Where are your potential customers likely to be? Make sure you target the sites they visit.

If you need a helping hand with your content, both in terms of creation and strategy, give us a call. We are a team of content generation specialists and would love to help.