According to an article I came across at the weekend on Search Engine Watch, Google´s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms affect approximately 90% of all online searches. But how?

Well, they strip out “bad searches” – this means websites with duplicate content, manipulated hyperlinks and those that are stuffed with keywords. As a result, and rightly so, the emphasis is placed now on quality, relevant and original online content.

So is SEO dead? In the way we used to be able to build links, yes. SEO professionals are now looking to rely more heavily on content marketing and knowing where to share this content. Search rankings are now biased towards the context of content. SEO professionals also believe that the new algorithms can now measure engagement with content; for example, the time people spend on the site and its organic links.

Quite simply, Google´s search has become much more “human-friendly”. Internet users are searching for more complex phrases and asking questions, so in order to solve these queries, brands need to meet this content demand. That´s where we can help. M2 Bespoke are content generation experts and produce a variety of content to a vast range of industries and sectors. Get in touch today and let us take the pressure of producing regular, high quality content from you.