Benefits of social media marketing

What does social media marketing mean to you? Is it the “next big thing” and a powerful marketing tool that must be taken advantage of? Or is it just a buzzword that is thrown around but is too complicated to properly understand?

Because social media came into the limelight very quickly, I believe it gained a reputation as a passing (and perhaps unprofitable) marketing fad. However, it seems that things have changed. According to an article I came across on Forbes, this year, 92% of marketers stated that social media marketing was important to their business, with 80% claiming that their social efforts increased traffic to their company´s website. Forbes went on to list the main advantages of using social media, and I thought I´d share some of them with you today:

– Brand recognition: social channels are essentially tools to showcase your brand´s voice and content – this makes you more accessible for new clients but also more recognisable/familiar for existing ones.

– Brand loyalty: brands with an engaging social media presence tend to enjoy higher loyalty from their customers.

– Conversion opportunities: every time you make a social post, stop and think: this post is an opportunity for customers to convert – a chance for someone to react, visit your site and make a purchase.

– Brand authority: regular interaction with customers on social media will make them trust you and have faith in your brand.

– Inbound traffic: good quality content on social media will mean more inbound traffic – and more traffic means more conversions.

– Decreased marketing costs: according to Forbes, 84% of marketers claim that as little as six hours on social media per week was enough to see an increase in traffic. That´s just over an hour a day!

– SEO: being active on social channels can act as a “brand signal” to search engines that your company is credible, legitimate and trustworthy.

– Richer customer experience: social media is a chance to publicly demonstrate your level of quality customer service – it´s personal and it lets customers know you care.

Are these enough reasons to invest some time and energy into social media? If you´re not yet aboard the social bandwagon, now is definitely the time. Want some help? Contact M2 Bespoke today and we will talk you through the options.