Mobile video marketingAre you an online video marketing success story?

The positive influence of online video marketing on business is indisputable, and has been proved by numerous studies and analyses. But as mobile is becoming an increasingly popular channel for Internet users, the online video market is also changing. According to Google, as much as 40% of traffic to YouTube comes from mobile devices and the figure is likely to exceed 50% next year.

So how should marketers respond to the altering landscape? Creating videos for mobile has its own distinctive features, Business 2 Community pointed out in a recent post I came across. The key is to offer users a combination of quality and simplicity, as well as a mix of advertisement and good entertainment.

Keeping an audience interested means that brands should post frequently. They should make use of various social networks to drive traffic to their YouTube channel. Updating video content there and keeping it fresh is also strongly recommended.

There are brands that are already doing an excellent job in terms of mobile video marketing, Business 2 Community said. They create content that users find shareable and compelling, but – most importantly – it works on mobile. Since screens on smartphones are so small, videos should be short and simple, with close-up shots and easy-to-follow narrative.

One thing should keep in mind: online videos require an active participation on the part of a user. Unlike TV commercials, users have to search for a brand or a product in order to find and watch the video, so videos should have entertainment as a core, the website concluded.

HereĀ“s a video we made to explain our News Feed service. Take a peek below…

By Ben Hollom

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