This year, Facebook not only matured as an advertising channel but continued to grow in terms of importance for many brands´ marketing mixes. According to a new infographic I came across by Wishpond, one of the key factors for improving a brand´s performance on Facebook is to include visual stimuli such as images and video.

Typically, when we talk about Facebook, it is common to take a look at user numbers first – they give a clear background over which more specific data can be laid. In 2013, Facebook´s member count reached 1.26 billion, with 874 million of these logging on to the site from their mobile devices at least once a month.

The times when companies posted a status update and waited for users to like and share it are now gone. If brands want people to engage with their posts, not only should they include engaging content, they should use pictures and video where possible. Statistics compiled by Wishpond show that the use of image-sharing app Instagram rose 117% this year and that overall posts with images have 120% higher engagement rates than regular posts. Posts that contain a picture typically attract more attention; they´re 53% more liked and 104% more commented on.

Interestingly, even small details can have a big effect. The infographic stated that adding a border around an image can increase click-through rates by up to 100%. Studies also note that the most effective image is that of a happy, smiling woman, Page Traffic Buzz website pointed out.

Are you implementing any of this advice yet?

By Ben Hollom