hummingbird optimisation

Have you optimised your mobile content for Hummingbird?

Let´s face it; Google´s Hummingbird algorithm is here to stay. SEO marketers need to come to terms with it and try to make the best of it. As Google pointed out, the new algorithm is all about conversational queries, mobile search and high quality content, so – not surprisingly – this is what marketers should focus on.

While some were in a hurry to declare SEO dead, a more insightful look at the new algorithm reveals that things will not change drastically – it will only take a slight shift in strategy. According a new report I came across, published by Business 2 Community, as far as content goes, strategies should continue as planned. Something marketers should also pay more attention to is mobile optimisation.

How should brands do this? Two concepts seem to stand out: responsive design and mobile-first content. At first glance, optimising for mobile and for Hummingbird at the same time seems tricky; mobile-friendly content is perceived as short and punchy, while the new algorithm favours longer, conversation-like queries and in-depth articles that Google picks up on in search results. While this could prove a challenge indeed, a proper mix of both types of content, combined with responsive design (that allows websites to work equally well on mobile and desktop) could yield excellent results, Business 2 Community noted.

There is another key aspect of mobile optimisation that brands should bear in mind: delivering real-time information. This type of content is crucial, so staying up-to-date and relevant should be an important part of brand´s content strategies, the website concluded.

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By Ben Hollom