Ever thought to turn to Coca-Cola´s website for marketing advice?

Neither had I. But a recent look at their corporate homepage reveals that Coca-Cola is implementing a new content marketing strategy: Coca-Cola Journey is focused on telling different stories, Business 2 Community reports, and the company´s website now looks more like a digital magazine, with articles on different real-life topics.

Ashley Callahan, Coca-Cola´s manager of digital communications and social media, told the Blogwell social media conference in Santa Clara, California, this week that the company had assumed the role of a storyteller, using stories provided by its public affairs and communications teams all over the world. In doing so, Coca-Cola follows several useful steps for successful content creation, Callahan said.

First, as a company whose products remain almost the same, Coca-Cola tries to draw viewers´ attention by using content that gets shared, such as photo slideshows, songs, videos and infographics, instead of releasing traditional articles about products and features.

When the company´s team members write a story, they first ask themselves the question: if I were to read this article, would I share with my friends and family? If the answer is yes, they go ahead and write it!

Furthermore, Coca-Cola tries to make sure their stories contain something new and surprising. Following the rules of journalism, Callahan´s team looks at whether the story is educational and if it can be applied in content marketing. It also keeps track of its digital metrics via Google Analytics and other tools in order to find out what their ´most read´ topics are about. Such information allows the company to make decisions about the focus of its future campaigns.

Coca-Cola also uses long-term social media campaigns to increase its audience. Coca-Cola Journey currently has more than one million readers per month and the company seeks to triple the figure by 2018.

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By Ben Hollom

Image – Kathertine Welles/Shutterstock.com