Social media errors by brands

Social media has become a significant part of companies´ marketing strategies in the last few years. But as they try to be more social, many businesses make common mistakes, Business 2 Community stated in a blog post I read last week.

First, businesses forget to be interactive. Posting an announcement on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other sites is just the first step; this should then be followed up by reading the responses and posting relevant comments. Businesses would be wise to employ a social media expert, whose task is to communicate with their online audience and to maintain and develop relationships with them.

Negative comments are an inseparable aspect of social media platforms. However, many companies often ignore such comments – another common blunder. This can lead to the loss of customers and bring about a negative reputation for the company. Research has revealed that only 29% of Twitter users who post a complaint received a response. Business 2 Community recommends that businesses should train their staff how to apologise to customers, find solutions and propose further support to improve the customer´s experience.

Another common mistake is that companies often post the same information on all social media platforms where they have accounts. In addition, they use the same language and tone for all their accounts. What is the result? Users feel they are spammed and are unlikely to respond. Don´t use the same language on LinkedIn as Facebook, for example; the audiences will be different, so the way you talk to them should be, too.

Finally, many companies choose the wrong way to drive engagement from consumers – for example, by putting pressure on them to click “Like”. They forget to offer incentives, such as discounts and ´sneak peeks´; these can often trigger a really positive reaction and make people want to follow your company.

Will you be adopting any of these tips? Or do you have any social media advice of your own you may like to add?