Content marketing ideasAt M2 Bespoke, we are always on the lookout for exciting, innovating and inspiring content. So with some help from Content Marketing Institute, we have compiled a list of the globe’s best brands and how you can incorporate their successful ideas into your content strategies.


Nike remains the king of customer service. After launching its 24 hour customer service Twitter page a few years ago, it has been leading by example ever since. The team behind the page is polite, responsive and above all helpful. Even the language they use makes the brand feel approachable and friendly – despite it being one of the largest globally.

Using a separate account for customer service responses is a great idea for most brands. It declutters your social media platforms, provides a focused and fast response and it shows you care.

Random House

Publisher Random House teaches us the importance of knowing your audience. Through their social media and marketing, they share inspirational content that gets the audience’s minds and hearts racing.

From content that inspires their team members, to competitions, art and musings on the creative process, what is important is they engage with their audience – and keep them coming back. Emotions are a powerful tool to harness, trigger a sense of awe and visitors will keep coming back long after the last transaction is complete.

Whole Foods

On the topic of offering your audience a little something extra, Whole Foods has gone a step further and aims to not just help, but to teach customers. From suggestions for saving money, to healthy recipes and tips on living sustainably, Whole Foods is a brand that aims to live by its principles.

Furthermore, the Content Marketing Institute notes the use of proactive language (“I want to learn/do/both” as a search option in its navigation bar) which “makes the audience feel like they have an active role in the experience.”

By creating inclusive content, Whole Foods are attracting new clients while nurturing their relationships with older ones. Aim to be an expert in your industry and prove your brand principles through policy and content.

New York Times

We live in a digital world and as much as it makes us book lovers weep, publishing as we know it is changing. Now while we all hope that we will never lose the tangibility of a novel, it is refreshing to see the New York Times replacing old mediums and embracing the new.

Utilising virtual reality (VR), their recent creation NYTVR simply requires their free app and Google Cardboard. After downloading and placing your phone in the Google Cardboard, users are able to see new ways of experiencing and accessing content. Roll with the times. Be engaging and original, two attributes essential to good content.


After over 130 years in the game, you can imagine that Coca-Cola has done enough market research to sell to anyone, anywhere in the world (which they do).

After the ‘Share-a-Coke’ campaign in 2014, personalisation was bought to the forefront of marketing strategy. All Coke had to do was give people the option to have their name or personalised messages on their product and the world went crazy. It just takes is one idea.

Since then, Coca-Cola has capitalised on this trend, offering both universal and personalised experiences along with their product. The most recent campaign, ‘Moments of Happiness’, involves consumers submitting snapshots of themselves with their favourite flavour of Coke and then sharing it on the Coca-Cola website. It is simple, effective and effectively free advertising.

Now, few people have a product that can rival a brand as globally known as Coke, but by offering personalised products and customisable services, your customers will feel valued and thus more likely to return.

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