Content marketing trends 2015As promised, here is the second instalment of discussion surrounding how the content marketing landscape is predicted to look next year, and suggestions are that it is going to become ever more ubiquitous.

If marketers are going to make the most of this growing branch of the marketing tree, however, they will need to be strategic and adaptive in how they carry out their content strategies.

With that, let´s look at another three trends that are set to dominate content marketing next year, which once again come courtesy of The Future of Commerce. To keep things consistent, I´m going to list them as four, five and six:

4. High-quality content to decide search engine rankings

Google and the like will continue to reward brands who are offering their customers high-end, long-form content, where there is clear added value for the reader. Content of this type is likely to generate more in the way of social media shares and likes, which also have an impact on where a search engine positions you.

5. Budget belts to be loosened

Some 58% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the coming year, according to the 2014 B2B Marketing Benchmarks report. Of that group, 10% said they plan to increase their budget by a considerable amount. Funds dedicated to the creation and distribution of content are set to swell – which only reflects the impact content marketing is having for brands.

6. Content marketing to bring email under its wing

As has been well documented, the email marketing model is experiencing a steady decline in terms of effectiveness. Forecasters say that marketers will look to revive this sinking ship by creating relevant, compelling email content that subscribers will actually want to read and engage with.

So, do you agree with any of the predictions we´ve brought for your consideration? How do you see content marketing shaping up in 2015?