Creating clever content

Content creation can be somewhat overwhelming at the best of times. There are so many different vehicles to use and a variety of social channels to distribute on. However, you need to make sure you don´t get lost in the whirlwind of tools, tactics and strategies. I came across an interesting infographic by WebSearch SEO on the Business2Community website and thought I´d share some of their tips to help you achieve maximum results:

Grab your readers´ attention

Don´t get so wrapped up in the body of your content that you forget to write a catchy headline and introduction. After all, around 90% of your audience will be won over by the headline/intro alone.

Be inspired

Having a dry spell? New and interesting perspectives can be found in the brains of others. Here in our office, we like to call it an ´idea shower´!

Break it down

Don´t make your audience sift through paragraphs of text to find the information they´re looking for; keep it concise and break it down into easily-digestible, bite-sized chunks.

Be relevant

Show your audience that you are up-to-date by keeping your finger on the pulse and presenting them with news-worthy content, before it goes stale.

Don´t oversell

If you´re constantly blowing your own trumpet, your content will lose its value and your audience will interpret it as a blatant sales pitch.

Keep it conversational

Depending on your sector, overly-formal English will be a big turn-off for your audience; they will soon feel like they are being lectured as opposed to informed. Keep the tone appropriately friendly.

Leave it to the experts

Find that you are still struggling with your content, despite knowing how important it is? Contact our friendly team at M2 Bespoke and we will take the stress of producing content from you.