Tips for improved engagement instagramWe may be familiar with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but is your business fully embracing the power of Instagram?

With an estimated 150 million monthly users, Instagram is not to be ignored. Brands are starting to sit up and take notice of how it can be factored into their marketing mix, to great effect. I came across a handy article on the Business2community website – they put together five ways businesses can begin to ensure its images are not just a blur on a user´s feed:

1. See what others are doing. Those clever lot at Instagram know what they provide is of benefit to businesses. Now with its own blog specifically for businesses, you can begin to see how the most impressive campaigns on the platform have taken shape.

2. Take time to perfect that profile. It´ll prove a futile endeavour if you´ve only built up a few followers to marvel at those spectacular images. Make sure you´ve removed any privacy settings preventing users from finding you. Optimise and engage to shake off any corporate coat.

3. Get creative with the filters. With so many different ways to make those images stand out, use a process of trial and error. When that picture has people asking what filter was used to create such an eye-catching shot, it´ll be well worth it. Remember, it´s quality not quantity.

4. What goes on behind the scenes? Slowly remove the cloak of mystery to show a more personable side to the business.

5. Instagram loves a hashtag too. With the right hashtag, users will be landing on your profile in no time. Be mindful to ensure it is relevant, because while no user is unwelcome, you´ll want your target audience to be honing in.

Do you have any other tips or tricks when it comes to releasing Instagram´s potential? Feel free to share!