Content marketing continues to be a key driver for long-term engagement. As more businesses realise the importance of content marketing, creation of high-quality content remains the most crucial factor for success.

However, some businesses find that creating content is too time consuming, preferring to post and share articles that have already been posted a number of times on other websites. This not only reduces the effect of the content on users (who are likely to have seen this piece of information already – especially if they keep an eye on a number of industry-related blogs), but can also be treated by Google as duplicate content and have a negative impact on search engine ranking.

According to a post I was reading on the Business 2 Community website, there´s a simple formula that businesses need to stick to: creating valuable content + using social media + optimising for search engines = more website traffic = more leads = higher number of conversions. This model clearly shows that original, shareable content is crucial, so posting shared content will simply not do.

Google has stated more than once that it will not favour duplicate content and websites that publish such copy will not be ranked on search engines. So even if users are searching for content on the same topic, they will not be able to access that website.

Businesses should perform an audit of their content – even looking at basic traffic readings from Google Analytics. If they are doing well at content publishing, traffic should be increasingly consistent. If, on the other hand, their content marketing strategy is ineffective, these readings will remain relatively flat, Business 2 Community explained.

It is clear just how important unique, relevant content is to a brand´s success. The problem, however, still remains: producing this content on a regular basis. Here at M2 Bespoke, we are experts in our field at generating tailored, quality-written online content to a variety of sectors. Why not call our friendly team today to learn more about our services?