What is evergreen contentEver heard of evergreen?

When it comes to planning your content marketing strategy, it´s a very good idea to free up some space for evergreen content. As its name suggests, evergreen content doesn´t really go out of date; it has the potential to remain topical and generate traffic for a long time after it´s posted.

But what makes content evergreen and how can you add longevity and relevance to your posts?

One of the easiest ways to use evergreen content to attract visits is to publish posts about cyclical events, say those that happen annually, and update them every year. Think ´best-of´ posts, ´top 10´ posts, useful tips on a specific industry-related topic or a wide discussion or interview with industry representatives on trends; these can all make excellent evergreen pieces.

´How-to´ posts and tutorials are another possibility. They allow you to stay relevant because there are always new audiences becoming interested in what you are doing and what you can show them. Providing a video to accompany them is even better, and getting these videos onto a YouTube channel can be a winning strategy.

Last but not least, think about posts that track the history of something. These are bound to be evergreen because historical facts rarely change. Even if they do, thanks to a great new discovery or such like, they can be updated easily. Historical articles are educational and, as such, will always attract the attention of those searching for background information on a specific topic.

So, we have realised the importance of evergreen articles. However, the question remains: who is going to write them? Finding the time to sit down and write in-depth evergreen articles on a regular basis is easier said than done. That´s where we can come in. M2 Bespoke are content generation specialists and are experts when it comes to writing unique and engaging evergreen articles. From compiling ´how-to´ guides to interviewing one of your in-house team, we´ve done it all. Give our friendly team a call today to learn more about our content generation services and how we can help your business.