social marketing mistakes

Do you have a solid social media presence? And are you working hard to keep consumers engaged?

You may have answered ´yes´ to both of these questions, but still find that your efforts don´t seem to be paying off. This, according to Business2Community, could be due to small mistakes within your social media strategy, some of which may seem insignificant but can cause serious harm. B2C states some common mistakes made by brands that I thought I´d share with you today.

1. Posting erratically.

Sometimes, when brands become too busy running their day-to-day business, they forget to post on their social media pages for several days and then try to make up for it by posting too many statuses, links, images or videos over a very short period of time. What marketing experts recommend is working out a schedule for posting on social channels and sticking to it. Usually, a couple of posts a day will be enough.

2. Me, me, me.

Social media is called social because it is supposed to be interactive. So, if you want users to give something to you (attention, loyalty, shares, their money, etc.), you will have to give them something valuable too, such as information or entertainment, without trying to constantly promote your products.

3. Ignoring feedback or requests.

If a customer called you to make an enquiry, you would never ignore it. The same principle applies to social media, as the channel has become a main means of communication for many consumers. Make sure you take the time to respond to all queries and address all reviews, even if they are negative.

4. Asking others to retweet or share.

Yes, it really matters that your content is shared and reaches larger audiences. But a blatant request for a share can be interpreted as needy and might put consumers off. Instead, focus on creating valuable content that users will be willing to share without encouragement.