Have you responded to the need for responsive?

The importance of responsive design for websites has been pointed out time and time again. But it seems that businesses, even large ones, are still wary of using it. According to data I came across, published on the eConsultancy website, only two of the FTSE 100 companies have a responsive design website, while 42 have a separate mobile website. However, as many as 56 companies on the list fail to provide any dedicated mobile experience at all.

These figures are quite interesting on their own, but could they be taken as representative of businesses as a whole? According to eConsultancy, the FTSE 100 list may not be the best criteria for gauging brands´ attitude towards the mobile experience. The majority of companies on the list are exclusively B2B businesses and the criteria on which the research was based were looking at mobile experience from a consumer´s point of view. With this in mind, it´s no wonder that the companies that scored the best in relation to the mobile experience were retail businesses.

Some B2B experts believe that when it comes to business clients, having a mobile-specific website focusing on clarity and simplicity may be more effective. A stripped-down mobile site can significantly reduce load time and achieve a quicker performance – two elements that are crucial in B2B marketing.

On the other hand, Google recommends using responsive design, so B2B companies should take this option into account as well. There is – unfortunately – no universal approach to the matter, but it would seem that dedicating time and money to developing a mobile-specific website could make sense for B2B businesses, the website concluded.

Do you have a responsively-designed website?