Twitter is set to sky rocket this year, if latest predictions by eMarketer are anything to go by.

According to the figures I came across, almost half of online Britons will have an account on Twitter in 2018, as adoption of the micro-blogging platform continues to increase in the UK

By comparison, in 2012, around a third of the social media population across the country used Twitter. By the end of this year, however, the number will reach one quarter of Internet users and one-fifth of the entire UK population. eMarketer estimated that the adoption of Twitter will continue in 2014 at a double-digit rate in the UK, unlike Facebook, where growth has been slowing down recently. In 2013, the number of Britons on Facebook went up 6.3% but the figure is expected to fall to 4.8% this year.

While Twitter is still seeing robust growth in user numbers, the core audience of the social media platform, namely users between the ages of 12 and 44, has been experiencing a slowdown in adoption rates. The majority of the increase can be put down to newly registered accounts from children and older people. Usage rates for the 65+ age group is set to increase by 37.8% by the end of this year, reaching total penetration rates of almost one in five users, the report found.

The most active group on Twitter is young people between 18 and 24, with almost three in five of the entire UK population within this age group using the social site at least once a month. Among social network users of the same age, user rates will stand at 63% by the end of 2014, eMarketer revealed.

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