Most marketers know that multichannel marketing is the best way to increase return on investment. But with so many channels and digital platforms, choosing the right mix is not as easy as it seems. According to a new study I read today by digital marketing technology company Kenshoo, conversion rates can be raised by a combination of social advertising and paid search.

The study revealed that users who were exposed to advertising on Facebook and paid search ads were more likely to engage with the brand compared to users who were only exposed to paid search ads. In fact, the combination of the two channels resulted in 30% higher return on advertising spending, Kenshoo explained.

But better conversion rates were not the only benefit for brands. The combination between the two types of advertising also brought about higher order value, with the difference coming in at 24%. This suggests that exposure to both social ads and paid search ads turned users into high value customers, the company claimed.

In addition, click-through rates were also influenced, the study showed. Social advertising led to 7% higher click-through rates for paid search ads, meaning that Facebook could have a positive effect on consumer awareness and perception of a brand.

Kenshoo noted that the successful match between paid search ads and social ads was also proved by the average cost per acquisition, which was 4.5% lower than that recorded for paid search ads exposure, Search Engine Watch reported.

What channels are involved in your marketing mix? Have you found the perfect combination yet?

By Ben Hollom

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