Want to target your target audience?

Well, you´re in luck. Facebook is introducing a series of new, more advanced features in a bid to improve targeting options for advertisers.

These new features – known as Core Audiences – allow for much better flexibility and an improved control over who brands want to see engaged with their ads, giving advertisers the chance to build their campaigns for specific countries, cities or states. Facebook gave examples: a brand can now set up an ad campaign targeting users from France and London, or the whole of the UK except for Cambridge (what´s wrong with Cambridge?!).

Similarly, restrictions can be added to a series of demographic categories, so that brands can target users depending on their education, occupation and workplace title. However, these can only be used if consumers have included this information within their Facebook profile. Moreover, workplace titles are described in a wide variety of ways, making it more difficult for advertisers to decide who exactly to target. Another key targeting option that brands now have is adjusting their campaigns to appeal to users who have recently gone through major life events, such as getting married or engaged.

Interests can also now be taken into account when setting up campaigns, based on the pages users have recently liked, both individually and in groups. This way, advertisers can target all users who like a certain sport or a band, for example.

In addition, the new Facebook features allow advertisers to target users based on aspects of their behaviour, such as types of devices they use, website visits and online purchases, thanks to information provided by the social network´s Partner Categories.

These new features are a great step forward for marketers. After all, the more granular targeting, the better. Will you be taking advantage of them?