By Ben Hollom

Have you ever wondered why Facebook users become fans of your brand? I was reading results of a new survey from social intelligence company Syncapse, which revealed that more than three-quarters of a brand´s Facebook fans were already customers of the company prior to liking their page.

When asked to list the reasons that led users to become Facebook fans, the most common answer, cited by 49% of those polled, was to support a brand they liked. This highlights the importance of brands creating a positive customer experience.

Another popular reason for liking a brand page was because a user wants to receive coupons or discounts (as listed by 42% of respondents). Almost the same proportion of people stated that they became fans in order to receive regular updates from their favourite brands.

More than one in three of those polled were interested in participating in contests or competitions organised by brands, and 31% went on to say that they wanted to share their positive experience with friends and other contacts. One in five people liked a page simply because they saw that other users had done so.

These are all quite interesting statistics, but exactly how much is a fan worth to a brand? Syncapse estimated that the total value of a fan came in at $174 (£114), which was 28% more than in 2010. Calculating the value was based on a number of factors, including spending, loyalty, proneness to recommend, and brand affinity.

These results show that Facebook fans should not be underestimated for businesses. Here at M2 Bespoke, we can help keep on top of your social media by providing you with tailored online content to use as you wish. Not only will this save you a huge amount of time, but regularly updated sites and pages will attract more viewers, meaning they are more likely to read and share. This, in turn, will increase your brand´s awareness. Please contact one of our team today to see how we can help.