By Ben Hollom

Although social media is still most definitely on the rise, many people have become more careful about the information they share on these platforms. According to a new poll I was reading, published by the Econsultancy blog, one in three UK social network users are now holding back information about what they like and events they have attended.

Overall, 53% of those polled stated that they were willing to share some personal information on sites like Facebook and Twitter in exchange for receiving personalised content. As many as 54% have shared their relationship status and half of those interviewed provided information about their likes and interests.

The proportion of shared information dropped significantly when it came to events users have attended and places they have visited while on holiday, with 35% and 30% sharing data about those respectively.

Receiving discounts and special offers was the key motivator to share information for 57% of respondents. A further 41% said they were ready to provide personal data to see products recommended to them based on their interests. About a third of those willing to share were interested in seeing content that their friends and families have engaged with.

When asked about what types of websites they were ready to share personal information with, two in five cited general retailers and 38% mentioned supermarkets. Music-related sites came next at 29%, followed by the travel industry and film and TV, each at 22%.

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