By Ben Hollom

The latest news on Search Engine Watch? Facebook has taken action to address complaints from brands who say their ads are displayed next to content that may compromise their image.

According to an announcement I came across on Facebook´s Newsroom, the scope of ad-restricted groups and pages has been expanded and all ads from the newly added ones will have been removed by 5 July. The ad-restricted groups and pages include those that contain violent, graphic or sexual content (even though this content still complies with Facebook standards).

Initially, Facebook will be reviewing ads manually but the process will be automated in the future, the announcement said. The new reviewing process will help improve detection of questionable content and ensure that ads appear next to brand-appropriate pages and groups only. The changes are not likely to have an impact on Facebook´s business, but they will certainly be beneficial to both users and marketers, the social network claimed.

Apparently, Facebook hopes that the move will restore some of its image as being a reliable and effective advertising platform, following the exodus of some key brands last month. Brands openly protested against their ads being displayed next to insulting content and accused Facebook of failing to oversee ad placement and its own content.

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