Why use vine

What can you say in six seconds? Well, that depends on how creative you are. And the creativity of brands is becoming increasingly evident in the thousands of branded messages posted through the video sharing platform Vine. A short video can be a powerful message to social media users, and let´s face it, it can be a good idea to keep up with what the cool kids are doing.

Here are five reasons why using Vine can be a great way to build your brand, according to the ClickZ website:

1. It´s simple to use. Once you have a good concept, filming a six-second looping video and uploading it is not likely to cause you any technical troubles. There is really nothing challenging about it, and you can either film in uninterrupted or use the stop-motion feature to create a more interesting effect.

2. It´s easy to digest. These days, consumers are being flooded with marketing messages, so giving them something short and fresh to scan in an instant can be perfect for them.

3. It´s convenient. Vine is a free mobile app, which means that it is available to anyone with a smartphone – which these days seems to be almost everyone. It is the closest you can get to recording real-time video experience in your daily life, so it is not surprising that Vine videos are so shareable and tend to go viral.

4. It´s versatile. You can use your Vine videos for everything from light-hearted fun to demonstrating cooking tips. It allows you to experiment and stretch the boundaries of imagination and creativity.

5. It´s easy to measure. Vine tells you how many users have liked your video and how many times it has been shared, or ´re-vined´. With the new loop-count feature, you can also see how many times a user had looped your video, making it easy to assess the popularity of your clip.

Vine can give brands the unique opportunity to tell their stories in a fun and innovative way. And with over 40 million registered users, as well as endless sharing possibilities on other social media pages, it isn´t something that should be overlooked too readily.

Are you considering using Vine as part of your marketing strategy?