High bounce rates

High bounce rates are often a marketer´s main concern. If a visitor lands on a website and leaves without any further clicks, it´s often because they didn´t find what they were looking for, or the page was too hard for them to navigate. However, it also means something else: that the marketing strategy of a business needs to be reviewed and tweaked so that fewer users bounce off a website.

According to Search Engine Journal, one of the first things a marketer should check is how to improve brand storytelling, so that it makes a business stand out and appeal to customers. It is important that visitors to a site can immediately understand what the brand can offer them and what it is for – but this should be done in a language that users can relate to, rather than in industry jargon.

However, the content also matters immensely. Keeping it fresh by updating data, adding industry news, current case studies and recent examples of developments in the industry will improve a company´s image as a trustworthy industry insider.

Also, pay attention to the readability of content. Keep in mind that a significant proportion of visitors come from mobile, so making sure that the font size and the contrasts work well is important. Include clear headings and subheadings, so that users can easily scan through the content.

While content matters the most, a business should not overlook a website design, Search Engine Journal points out. Easy navigation is crucial and so is a functioning search option. If a business focusses more on user experience, the chances are users will stop bouncing off the website.