Facebook´s a bit like Marmite: you either love it or you hate it. However you feel about it, though, there´s no denying that it´s still the dominating social network. Even though various studies suggest that it´s important to have a brand presence on the channel, this doesn´t mean that your marketing efforts should be solely concentrating on Facebook. In fact, it´s a good idea for your business to diversify your social media activity, as this will give you more opportunities to reach various audiences that wouldn´t necessarily be found or reached on Facebook, according to an article I came across on Search Engine Journal.

But when planning how to diversify, you should not focus on the various channels available, but should concentrate on your goals. Maybe you want to build brand awareness or boost traffic to your blog? Or perhaps you´re looking to gather user-generated content for your website? Once you decide on exactly what it is you want to achieve, then you can think about the right channels.

One of the ways to achieve a successful marketing strategy on Facebook is by offering promotions, coupons and contests, which allow brands to gather useful data about fans and drive traffic. But you don´t necessarily have to do it on the largest social channel. Similar results could be achieved through other channels as well, Search Engine Journal points out.

You should realise that going after a higher number of ´likes´ and fans may not lead to engagement and conversions, so these things shouldn´t be your number one priority. Actually, the number of users who will see your campaign on their News Feed is very small, so don´t be shy of promoting your campaign elsewhere. You can build up a campaign, host it on the Web, and link to it on all social channels through a single URL, the website advises.

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