Marketers who rely on rich snippets to markup their videos should bear the following piece of news in mind. According to reports I came across, Google appears to have reduced the number of video snippets appearing in search engine result pages.

The search engine itself has not confirmed the move, but analyses by several SEO agencies and experts suggest that there has been a noticeable reduction in the number of video snippets ranked in search. The development was first pointed out by SEER Interactive last week, noting on its blog that many of its clients´ video snippets were gone from search results. However, YouTube snippets appeared to be largely unaffected by the change.

SEER Interactive published a screenshot comparing search results returned for search for “iPhone 5 review video” on 11 July and 16 July, revealing that on the earlier date there were 10 videos from 10 different domains, compared to five videos from three domains on the latter date.

Mozcast, a service that monitors Google ranking fluctuations, also noted the change, according to Search Engine Watch. Its so-called “Google weather reports” revealed a 28% drop in the number of video thumbnails appearing in search results. Even large sites, such as Amazon, the New York Times and Zappos have been affected, the analysis showed. Others, however, seem to have survived intact, including Google´s YouTube, Vimeo,, Discovery and National Geographic.

According to Search Engine Watch, the change is more likely to be a purely aesthetic one, rather than the result of a change in algorithm and follows the removal of author images from search.

Has this speculated change affected your brand´s video snippets in search results?