Many businesses focus on increasing customer satisfaction and engagement with their websites, but are they successful in doing so? It´s not always easy to increase website engagement and have users stay or return, but I discovered a few simple but effective tips on Business 2 Community and thought I´d share them with you today to think about over the weekend.

1. Focus on content. In order to make sure users are interested, you should offer them something valuable, entertaining and shareable. Blog posts and videos should be easy to share, so you need to use simple and noticeable social sharing buttons. It´s not rocket science: the easier it is for users to share, the more they´ll do it.

2. Encourage feedback. Consumers are the best source of opinion when it comes to improving your website and your products/services. Asking for their input matters not just because it shows you are open-minded and interested in them, but also because when users are engaged in the development of a process or product, they become more loyal.

3. Report breaking news. Stay up-to-date and deliver the latest news, so that over time users learn to think of your website as a destination where they can find out about trends, developments and insights into your industry.

4. Personalise website experience by letting visitors know you´re aware of their presence on the site and by offering the proper reassurances to keep them going. Ask them if they need help or if they want to schedule a call to motivate them to stay.

5. Experiment. Don´t be shy to test different methods for engagement. While you can never engage all of your visitors, you can test various techniques to see which ones work best and combine the most successful ones for maximum effect.

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