Are you into LinkedIn?

If not, you should be. LinkedIn can provide excellent opportunities for businesses to connect with prospects and increase their outreach. But very often B2B companies are uncertain about the right way to organise their LinkedIn strategy. I came across some tips on how to make this task simpler on Business2Community and thought I´d share five of them with you.

1. The most important thing to watch out for is your personal and company page information. In the digital world, a profile page is the equivalent to a business card; it often determines the first impression. This is why it´s important to include details that reveal your company in its best light.

2. Using Showcase Pages can be an excellent way to improve a brand´s presentation on the social network. These pages were introduced several months ago and have been enjoying increasing popularity among business users. LinkedIn allows every company to create up to ten Showcase Pages, where they can present individual products or services.

3. Keyword optimisation is also crucial. Do this by including relevant keywords in the information about your business, including a list of your company´s specialties. This will help the page rank better in search engines and will help users find you a lot more easily, Business2Community claims.

4. One of the most vital aspects of any brand´s social media presence is content. The importance of having fresh and relevant content posted on your social channels cannot be overstated. This can be achieved by sharing content relevant to the brand and the industry, such as blog posts from the company website, whitepapers and eBooks. If you need help generating this content, call M2 Bespoke – we are content specialists and can provide you with all kinds of tailored content to suit your needs.

Do you plan on using any of this advice to improve your LinkedIn presence?

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