Successful content marketing

Each brand is different, so how will you make your content work for you?

With the vast majority of brands already implementing content marketing in some form, it´s interesting to think about the differences between a successful content strategy and an inefficient one. Naturally, those who do well usually have quality content, but things are not always that simple — there are various reasons for having a content strategy fail, including lack of a well-defined goal or lack of knowledge on how consumers engage with content. I came across some tips on the Business2Community website on how to make content work for your brand, and thought I´d share some of them with you.

1. Define your mission and goals. Think about what you ultimately want to achieve and then try to figure out how this relates to your brand´s uniqueness. Coming up with a statement that provokes a discussion, educates and makes an impression is a good way to do this, says Forbes´ John Hall.

2. Establish a practice of value exchange. This is arguably the key in content marketing — striving to deliver value to your target audience should be at the heart of your content marketing strategy. Forget about advertising and self-promotion; try to educate, inform, teach and entertain for best results.

3. Target your audiences carefully. While creating potentially viral content may sound an appealing idea, it may not engage the audience you are looking for. In order to make the right people your customers, you should be strictly focusing on their needs and their priorities. Finding out more about various personality factors and their demographics, as well as what platforms they tend to use the most, is a good start.

M2 Bespoke can help you with all of these things. We can talk you through your options and goals, working out what kind of online content will be best for your business; whether it´s blog content, infographics or ´evergreen´ pieces. We are experts in the industry and can tell you how to best engage your audience. After all, they will ultimately convert into customers, meaning more revenue for your business.