LinkedIn marketing mistakes

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best social network for B2B professionals – don´t you agree? It gives great opportunities to meet and engage with other industry representatives, while at the same time keeping up-to-date with news and other interesting content.

But just as in real life, B2B professionals sometimes make mistakes that can cost them. Mistakes on LinkedIn may make you look unprofessional or might simply make your presence on the channel ineffective. I recently read an interesting article on Small Biz Trends which named some of the most common blunders that people make on the social network and how to fix them. Here are a few of them.

1. Leaving gaps in your LinkedIn Profile. By not providing all relevant information about your accomplishments or interests, you may send the wrong message that you don´t care or lack the patience and devotion to finish things you´ve started. Equally, not placing a picture on your profile or putting an inappropriate one may also affect your chances of making valuable contacts.

2. Constantly trying to sell. When you establish contact with users on LinkedIn, it´s more important to interact with them on topics you may both share interest in. Before trying to push your products or services, you could engage with them by commenting on their content, for example – and then be patient.

3. Lying, exaggerating or making things up on your profile. Although this sounds like common sense, it happens very often. According to figures published by the Wall Street Journal and quoted by Small Biz Trends, around 20% of job applicants and employees have exaggerated their educational background, which can badly damage their reputation and credibility when discovered.

4. Bad timing. It´s also unwise to post too often – as it is to post too rarely. Posting should be regular, but also meaningful, so if you have nothing useful to say, you´d better wait until you do. There´s no universal formula, but most experts think that status updates once or twice a day and articles two or three times a week is a good combination.

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