Interactive video marketing

The worldwide availability of digital devices is changing the way in which modern users consume information. Nowadays, consumers (particularly younger consumers) often look for visual content, such as videos, created to meet their emotional needs and which also take into account shortening attention spans. This means that brands need to be creative and very clever in order to capture their attention. Viewers no longer want to be passive observers, but want to be in control of what they see, when they see it and how they experience it via their mobile devices.

YouTube´s current traffic is proof of this, as its number of visitors is only exceeded by that of Google and Facebook– making it the third most visited site in the world. More than 2.7 million videos are viewed every 60 seconds on the video sharing platform and over 100 hours of video are uploaded in the same period, Business2Community said, quoting figures by YouTube Downloader. Every minute, 1,388 channel subscriptions take place, meaning that millions of viewers subscribe to a number of channels every day.

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, the way to engage users is to create relevant content that will keep them engaged for longer. Engagement in the traditional form of likes, shares and comments is no longer working to capture the attention of customers, as they are often left out of the user´s experience. This is why brands should provide consumers with interactive videos – ones that cater for the personal needs of a user and that are individually tailored to engage them for longer periods, the website said.