Tips for tablet experience

Are you keeping tabs on tablet users?

As we all well know, mobile devices are now an integral part of a consumer´s purchase journey. As such, they deserve special attention from brands. If you´re failing to engage consumers who research and buy via their mobile device, you´re potentially missing out on great business opportunities.

As consumers become more savvy and accustomed to mobile search, their expectations of the mobile experience are growing. According to an article I found on eConsultancy, 43% of tablet users spend more time on their tablet than they do their desktop, so a high-quality mobile experience is a must for them. To help you engage tablet users, here are four main things you should take into account:

1. Meet their needs. Various surveys on tablet users have shown that they value three things when using their device: ease of browsing, consistency of content across devices and ease of purchasing. If you manage to deliver these three aspects, you´re already on the right path.

2. Don´t compromise with experience. More than three-quarters of consumers state that an unsatisfactory experience on tablet affects their willingness to make purchases from the brand. Typically, this means they want clean and simple web pages, without content clutter and too many links.

3. Consistency of content should not come at the expense of a seamless experience. While consumers are looking for the same content across platforms, this doesn´t mean it should be displayed in the same way. For example, there should be no need to pinch and zoom when using tablets – brands should prioritise scrolling and swiping. Other aspects should be considered, such as context, user goals and device capabilities.

4. Think multi-channel. Remember that during the purchase journey, consumers often switch between devices. Try to make sure that equal emphasis is put on the user experience for all of them. Only if you can provide a seamless experience across platforms will you be able to expect a rise in conversion rates, eConsultancy claims.

Do you plan on using any of this advice? It could be a smart move.