Technology in UK travel

Development of new technology and peer-to-peer sharing of information will be among the key trends due to shape the travel and tourism sector in Britain and Ireland, according to a new report by research company Euromonitor International.

Technology designed to improve the experience of travellers is going to make a significant impact on the market, the report predicts. Gadgets that give British travellers the opportunity to control trips, organise holidays and change plans whilst on-the-go will see an astonishing growth in popularity. Google Glass, for example, which is currently being trialled by Virgin, responds to a user´s voice and can give directions regarding objects within the user´s field of vision. Similar connected and “wearable” technologies, which can provide real-time information to tourists, are expected to become very popular over the next few years, with their number likely to soar by 90% between 2013 and 2018; primary consumers will be middle-class individuals from urban areas under the age of 40, Euromonitor said.

The second factor that will influence travel and tourism is the increasing importance of peer-to-peer sharing. This aspect of travel arrangements has been mostly driven by the economic recession but also by consumers´ demand for more flexible and reliable services. Peer-to-peer sharing offers clear reviews and travel suggestions to locations that have not been explored before, providing unique impressions from an individuals´ experience. Websites Jauntful and Vayable will become even more important, as consumers will be increasingly looking for a personalised, “unscripted” travel experience, the report also predicts.