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What makes the perfect infographic?

When talking about content creation, one of the key things to have in mind is diversity. Even if you produce the best content, if it´s constantly presented in the same form, users are going to get bored. Infographics are certainly among the most engaging and entertaining types of content out there. But creating an infographic that has the desired effect is not always easy. Here are a few characteristics of a great infographic, as presented by an interesting article I came across on Business 2 Community.

1. Simplicity. Although infographics allow you to be flexible and creative, they should still be easy-to-digest and simple. Most consumers are looking for information that´s presented in small, manageable sizes, so make sure that´s exactly what they get.

2. Matter-of-factness. Consumers need to have takeaways from the content, so it´s a good idea to provide them only with information that they would find useful and credible.

3. Originality. An infographic that follows in the footsteps of dozens of others may not have the effect you´re looking for. It has to be exciting and fresh; this can only be achieved if the image presented looks unique.

4. Expertise. If you´re looking to make an impact, choose a topic that really highlights your strengths. Show consumers that you´re an expert – this will boost credibility and loyalty.

5. Colours. As crucial as content is, an infographic is also about visual appeal. Try to refrain from using every colour in your palette and stick to a few that really complement each other. This will display a clean and tasteful image.

Infographics can be a powerful weapon if you manage to combine the right design with the right type of content. As well as written content, M2 Bespoke have now added infographics to our repertoire. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our services.