Reach teenagers online

Teenagers are more likely to be early adopters of new technology and trends; it´s in their nature to be different and stay one step ahead of the game. This fact can create great opportunities for brands; young people readily act as brand ambassadors – but how do you reach teenagers and speak their language?

One of the most important factors here is mobile presence. According to data I came across by eMarketer, close to half of all adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 used smartphones in 2013 and predictions are for this number to reach 75% over the next three years. An average teenager spends 4.9 hours on a mobile device every day, splitting their time between games, social media, video on-demand and messaging, Search Engine Watch website claimed.

Video is another crucial aspect of delivering content that teens are likely to engage with. Whether it´s YouTube, Instagram or Vine, video is a major driver of engagement among teenagers. Brands that provide fresh video content targeting adolescents include Ford, Virgin Mobile and Nike, among others. Visuals work great with teens, especially GIFs that express emotions or show funny situations, as well as ´selfies´ and ´memes´. Focus on fun and emotion to create the best effect, Search Engine Watch recommends.

It´s important to remember that teenagers tend to adopt emerging platforms, where they can be away from the eyes of their parents. So even though most of them are still on Facebook, try looking for them on channels like We Heart It and Tumblr.

Whatever audience you are trying to reach, it´s content that will engage them. Whether this is content on your blog, links to your social media, video or infographics, producing share-worthy content is essential. If you find you´re struggling to find time to produce this kind of content on a regular basis, give M2 Bespoke a call today. We are experts at providing tailored content to suit all your business needs.