In the past, golf was considered an exclusive sport for only the wealthiest members of society, but these days golf courses are far more welcoming to a wide range of players. This inevitably leads to greater competition and helps with customer acquisition.

Just as in any other industry, it is important to discover where potential customers can be found and how to reach them. The answer is on social media and various networking sites.

According to Sports Marketing Surveys, modern golfers are more likely to follow golf on social media than in newspapers or on TV – 29% of German golfers follow the sport on social media. This is because social media provides instant updates and the ability to connect with golfing icons, the media and equipment suppliers directly, making it easier for customers to keep track of the latest developments. Recently, the role of mobile has also been growing, meaning golf brands should be acknowledging this new source of information for consumers and golf-related businesses.

It is natural for people to enjoy being part of popular and exciting trends, so if golf brands manage to create unique and appealing content on social sites, it is likely users will “follow” in a bid to be part of the buzz. Over time, brands can create a community of followers, who will share this content with their own circle of friends and contacts, effectively acting as free marketers for the brand. In the world of golf, word of mouth is one of the most critical marketing influences, Sports Marketing Surveys commented.