Do you have a regularly-updated blog on your site?

The introduction of Google´s Hummingbird algorithm last year has not changed SEO as radically as many people predicted it would. But it has certainly played its part in one specific area: content marketing.

As the search engine has placed more importance on “conversational searches”, thinking about the type of content your website produces is now critical. But this inevitably leads to another problem for marketers and publishers – how do I improve my content? Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do when planning your content in 2014, according to an infographic I came across by WebNetHosting.

One of the first things that a brand should do is start a blog. If you haven´t done that already, don´t waste any more time. But don´t rush to fill up your blog with random information – content marketing needs careful planning and scheduling. Decide on what you want to achieve in the long run and create a blueprint of your path leading to this point, with achievable steps along the way. Each step should represent a topic you cover on your blog. Aim for quality as well as quantity (ensure your blog is regularly updated) and encourage engagement from users by posting links to your blog from your social channels.

Many marketing experts believe that infographics are a perfect content marketing tool and they can be extremely effective if they are designed properly. On one hand, they should be informative and provide all the necessary details but on the other, too much information may put users off. It´s important that the infographic tells a story, so make it visually appealing and unique. Don´t forget to make it embeddable to promote sharing.

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