I believe that producing high quality content should be the key focus for most brands as far as their SEO strategies go. In light of the changing focus of search engines from links to content, it is only natural that businesses are looking for the best possible search ranking and are heavily reliant on content in order to achieve this.

I was reading an interesting article by Search Engine Journal today. They claim that something marketers fail to understand is that content should be created for consumers, not for Google. Of course, the best option is to combine these two and come up with content that is favoured by both users and search engines.

One way to ensure this is to create content that will be shared, and shared again. Search engines like content that users find valuable, so by doing this, brands are bound to please both. But how is this achieved?

The short answer is by giving users what they are looking for. Providing relevant solutions will make them stop searching. Giving users information that they will find valuable and memorable will also mean they are likely to return to your site, blog or Facebook page next time they need answers.

Of course, the purely technical side of SEO should not be overlooked. Including the right keywords with the right density will ensure that search engine crawlers are able to find the content and rank it.

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