By Ben Hollom

What kind of online content do you enjoy reading, watching or sharing? I came across an interesting article today about branded videos. According to new research from the Unruly Social Video Lab, Internet users are not only open to these sorts of ads, but are actually actively searching for this kind of content online.

Results of the study showed that every 24 hours 506,976 online video ads are shared. One of the most important means of encouraging viewing is peer recommendation. Videos that were recommended by friends were also found more enjoyable by users, compared to videos they discovered whilst browsing.

Enjoyment is a major driver for brand association, the research revealed. It increased 139% amongst viewers who enjoyed the video and resulted in 97% higher purchase intent. It also led to 14% higher brand recall, with three-quarters of users recalling the brand when prompted.

Apparently, recommendations also caused a 7% uplift in agreement with brand statements and a 21% decrease in disagreement with key brand statements.

More interestingly, when videos were recommended, almost half of viewers actually purchased the item within three days. Close to one in three immediately talked about the video to other people and 9% shared it on social networks. This highlights the importance of allowing users to easily share video content online, as they rarely come back to share it later, ClickZ website noted.

The bottom line is that online video significantly contributes to brand attention and sentiment, the Unruly Social Video Lab said. There are many other forms of online content out there, including news feeds and blog posts, that can help strengthen your brand identity and encourage users to read and share your information. Take a look at some of the services provided by M2 Bespoke and see how we can help.