Google´s relentless battle with spam continues as the search engine is trying to fully eliminate spam links from results. The company announced that it was rolling out a new ranking update that is predicted to make a significant step in that direction. In addition, Google also warned owners of bad mobile sites that their search rankings were bound to drop soon, Search Engine Watch reported.

The ranking update should not be seen as an unexpected move in light of the recent announcement made by Google´s head of spam, Matt Cutts. He recently stated that such an update was coming as part of the search engine´s broader scheme to eliminate spam. According to Search Engine Watch, the update will affect between 0.3% and 0.5% of all English-language queries and will be followed by more changes over the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, Google also stressed the fact that mobile websites will come under scrutiny in the near future and that it will launch several ranking updates, specifically targeted at “misconfigured” websites for smartphone users.

Two problem areas will be addressed mostly, Google´s Webmaster Central Blog said: faulty redirects and smartphone-only errors, where desktop users have access to content but smartphone users are shown an error page. In order to avoid coming under fire, Google advises webmasters to test their websites on as many devices and operating systems as possible before making them available to users.