The first Panda Update for this year is already here. Its arrival was announced in a tweet from the official Google Twitter account. The news comes to mark the third consecutive month of Panda data updates, Search Engine Watch noted.

According to the tweet, the Panda algorithm tweak will only affect about 1.2% of queries made in English, with no further information offered. If you notice that your website has significantly dropped positions in ranking, this may mean that the Panda has hit you. On the other hand, if your site picks up a few positions, this means that Google has noticed you are offering good content, or your competitors have been hit.

This is what Panda was intended to do in the first place. When it launched the algorithm in February 2011, Google explained that its aim was to encourage high-quality sites and to reward them for providing good content, while at the same time removing bad sites from search results. The ultimate goal was to present users with the most relevant and high-quality content possible, the company said.

To make sure webmasters and SEO marketers are familiar with what they can do to provide great quality, Google has provided a checklist of questions that can give more information about what is important to the Panda and how you can improve your siteĀ“s search engine ranking on its official Webmaster Central Blog.