Google is continuing its efforts to reduce the number of bad ads and to ensure that people feel safe and secure when they are online, the company stated. In order to achieve this, the search engine giant banned a total of 224 million AdWords ads from 889,000 different advertisers in 2012, it announced on its official blog spot.

Other interesting figures from the report by Google reveal that “bad ads” originated from 223 countries and territories in the world, with the US, China, Japan and India having the highest number of offenders. The banned ads were written in 78 different languages and among those, Scots Gaelic, Kyrgyz, Tatar and Esperanto caused the most problems for Google. Thanks to Google´s efforts, on one hand, and to advertisers´ experience and growing awareness, on the other, the number of bad ads removed has been cut in half since 2011, the blog post also said.

Apart from millions of bad ads, 2012 also saw the shutdown of 123,000 websites containing malware, 12,900 sites promoting get-rich quick schemes, 82,000 accounts trading with counterfeit products and a further 8,600 accounts that were detected to have been trying to phish.

In conclusion, Google stated that it will continue to implement its zero-tolerance policy for bad ads and is committed to do anything possible to make Google a safe place for users and advertisers alike in 2013. In a bid to help advertisers produce quality ads, Google is frequently providing tips and useful information for precautions on its AdWords blog spot.