Recently, Facebook revealed new statistics regarding its users´ demographic profiles. According to its figures, 27 million Britons are members of the social network, which roughly equals two-thirds of the population.

Some 19 million of those use their mobile devices at least occasionally to get access to their Facebook profiles, the E Word website reported. More than seven in ten smartphone owners log on to Facebook at least once a day, highlighting the increasing uptake of mobile as a channel to get online. Over three in five users said that they were on Facebook while watching TV. Overall, the average British user spends seven hours a month on the site, which is four times more than on any other site.

If we take a closer look at the statistics, we can find out more about the average British Facebook user. Users from both genders are approximately evenly divided, with the number of women slightly higher – 51% against 49% men. Every user has 130 friends on average.

An interesting fact emerges when we look at the different age groups that use the site. While the most prolific users of social media are typically considered to be young people, the latest figures showed that for the first time users over 50 outnumber users aged under 25, with proportions standing at 30% versus one-quarter.

Looking at the way British users respond to advertising on the social networking site, it is notable that almost a quarter of users have visited a restaurant or a bar after seeing an ad or receiving a recommendation on Facebook. More than a third have been inspired to listen to new music and 37% have asked their friends to recommend a product.