Have you noticed that Google has recently cut the filtering options seen on the top menu bar and under the ´More´ drop down menu?

In a recent article I came across on Search Engine Journal, they point out that Google has not removed the filters, but has just started to offer options that are most appropriate for the specific query. Although it´s not a big change, it might still upset people who are used to the previous long list of options.

Search Engine Journal cited a Google spokesperson as saying that Google was constantly changing its search options with a view to making search easier. To clarify the most recent change, the spokesperson gave the following example: if the search item is ´English to Tagalog,´ the filtering options that will appear are ´Apps,´ which will be helpful for translation, and ´Books´ and ´Shopping,´ which will be useful if you want to buy a dictionary. The absence of an option you need shouldn´t be a big issue, because the content under the missing filter will exist in the main search results, the spokesperson said.

Google also stressed that it has a recipe filtering option under ´Search Tools.´ For example, if you enter the dish you are searching for into Google and click on ´Search Tools´, you can see options such as ingredients, cook time, calories and others. It reminded users of this option following an announcement by Pinterest about the launch of its own recipe search engine. Pinterest´s new feature enables users to easily find recipes on the basis of their individual preferences. If you´re on a gluten-free diet, you can filter recipes that meet the requirements of such a diet. Or if you´re not sure what to do with some ingredients you have at hand, then you can find recipes that include these products.

It seems that Google is continuously trying to custom its search services. Is there anything you think it could do to help us further?