Hotel search marketingDigital marketing can unlock many doors for hotel owners and managers, but it should be done in the correct way. When planning their strategies for 2014, marketers should consider the following tips provided by 4Hoteliers website.

1. Improve your website. Search is a crucial feature for hotels. Tourists tend to look for places to stay online and if they cannot find your hotel there, they are not likely to know your hotel exists. So, make sure users can find you by ensuring that Google can find you first. This means several things – focus on fresh and compelling content, mobile compatibility and structured data. For better engagement rates, use social media to run polls and competitions, and to post images and reviews.

2. Local search. Optimising for local search in major search engines will remain important next year. With this in mind, you should make sure you provide accurate information on your local search profile, including basics like name, address and phone number, as well as specific niche directories offered at your hotel, for example spa, golf, weddings, etc.

3. Paid search. This might be a good area to explore in 2014. There are a number of channels that you could utilise, including traditional PPC channels on Google, Yahoo and Bing, but you could also try TripConnect, TripAdvisor Business Listings, Expedia Ads, Yelp PPC and Google Hotel Finder. 4Hoteliers website recommends that you allocate a significant proportion of your marketing budgets on paid search, as the channels are particularly worthy for independent hotels without much support from a brand.

By Ben Hollom