Stand out Facebook news feedsHave you been scratching your head over how to make your Facebook stories and updates more visible and engaging to users?

A regular Facebook user may be exposed to up to 1,500 stories in their News Feed per day, the social network estimates, and the average number of friends that millennial users have is over 300. For brands, this means that competing with the stream of news about friends and current events can be a somewhat challenging task.

In order to find out the best practices brands use on Facebook, market analysis firm TrackMaven looked at 1.5 million posts from 6,000 brand pages and rated the engagement they resulted in, finding out the best times to post, how to make a proper call to action and what punctuation to use to appeal to users, among others.

For example, the research found that almost 94% of all brand posts contained messages of up to 50 words and a brand status update included between 10 and 19 words. Albeit very common, however, brevity doesn´t appear to be a good tactic for engagement; posts containing more than 80 words were found to generate twice as many likes, shares and comments.

Another important finding from the study was the direct correlation between the use of question marks, exclamation marks and hashtags as a way to provoke and incite desire for conversation. Even though fewer than one in six posts contained hashtags, they resulted in 60% more social interaction, TrackMaven claimed.

Will you be using any of these tactics for your brand´s Facebook posts?