Of course, it´s crucial for marketers to focus on creating content, building links and updating social media brand pages. But what´s the point in having fantastic content if mobile users won´t see it because of a poor landing page or lack of responsive design on your website?

But let´s take a quick look at some figures first, just to see why responsive design matters so much. According to data I discovered, quoted by Search Engine Watch, around 60% of Internet visits are currently made from mobile. This means that mobile access now outstrips access from desktop. A similar percentage of social media site visits also come from mobile devices and more than half of all emails are opened on smartphones. Meanwhile, close to three-quarters of mobile searches result in action on websites within an hour; that´s if websites are optimised for mobile. If they aren´t, this figure drops to 40%.

These statistics mean that online marketing is now heavily influenced by mobile and by users´ engagement with their smartphones. If you ignore the mobile experience, you´re likely to put off a huge number of users. And this is where responsive design comes in handy. It allows users accessing your website or social media page to have the same smooth experience regardless of the type of device they use. By allowing your website to adapt to the device automatically, you make sure that users are able to access your content and engage with it. In addition, responsive design guarantees that users coming from search engines will get to the page they´re looking for and will not be redirected to a completely different page.

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